Monday, 24 November 2014

Take one Ali Reeve Egg Cupbaord

Hi  there nice people, (well hopefully you are nice) thanks for stopping by. Hope you have nice November sunshine too.

I have finally finished a project I started a while ago, so thought I would show you.

Take one Ali Reeve, Stamp away Egg Cupboard kit. One mallet, glue and fit it together!  

Add some yummy DecoArt paint called New Life (which sadly the photo's don't do the lovely colour justice) It is a really beautiful green. I so loved it I nearly stopped there!

I decided I wanted it to look a bit worn inside, so I sanded the inside a little bit. On the outside I didn't sand it but, instead I added some DecoArt  Americana Decor crackle Medium. Left it to dry, then put my back out for a couple of weeks (queue violins) two expensive visits to the Osteopath and I was ready to carry on.

I mixed some Timeless and Everlasting paint together as, I didn't want the colour to be too beige and the Everlasting lightened up the colour.  I then dry brushed a little extra New Life on the edges of the box.

On the top I then added  a stencil by Dylusions.

I made a little duck and painted it before sticking it on the front. As our eggs are ducks eggs in this household.

At the moment the back and sides are just painted, still thinking about whether or not to add some egg stenciling on them, but at the moment it is staying as it is!

Close up of some of the crackle.

Inside of the door.

I have covered the whole thing with Soft touch varnish.

So all I need now girls is some eggs. But I might have to wait now until Easter to get some!
All for now
Kathy x

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Rescued by glue and DecoArt paint

Been missing ages sorry, no mojo, he is off having fun in the sun without me as usual. He isn't back  yet but I thought I would share with you something I am really pleased about.
Having two kittens means things (lots of things) are getting broken and some times that has made me rather sad, in particular a pot that belong to my mother which I was rather fond of.

So what the heck I wasn't going to loose anything by trying to fix it was I?  So I thought I would have a go. No more nails and DecoArt paints and a touch of glossy Accents to fill in the gaps and give it a bit of a shine.

Far from perfect, but I am happy, thanks DecoArt you have made me happy.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Short and sweet, OK short and wonky!

Just made a card for my daughters birthday!

Wonky I know, but Hey it is hand made and I didn't have any dies big enough!
Bye bye! 
I said it was short and I wasn't just talking about me!

DecoArt Silver Spark Metallic Lustre

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Self belief is hard!

Why is it that when people look at your work and say  'That is good'  you don't believe them, just thinking they are being kind, and then one person is negative about something you have done and you completely believe them and end up feeling rubbish about your work!  Ho hum, I thought when you got older you didn't care what people thought! Well not in my case I guess.

Anyway, what brought this all on is I have been painting! 

Lots of beautiful things to look at in nature at the moment and little art work being done as I am trying to fight my way through the weeds in the garden while the sun shines.
Hope the sun is shining on you and thanks for calling by. 

Kathy xxx

Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday, 11 April 2014

Not boxed out yet!

Hi all

Many thanks for stopping by.

I am still playing and loving the new Chalk paints by DecoArt. Today I also used a fabulous stencil by the very talented and funny Carolyn Dube.  Do look her up on Youtube.

I started with a box I found, which was rather battered and cracked.

It had a big crack across the lid, but don't think you can see it from this photo.

I ripped out the insides (cruel I know) covered it with gesso to, hopefully, fill in the holes left where I had taken the insides out and to cover the crack on the top. Sanded when it was dry. 

Using Carolyn's stencil and a palette knife, I scraped DecoArt Modeling Paste through the stencil all over the top roughly. The roughly part wasn't on purpose, it was just my cack- handedness! 

Painted with a mixture of the Chalk paints on the outside,

then on the inside too!

Do hope you liked it.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Getting obsessed with letters and paint.

Hi thanks for stopping by.

Is it just me, or are baby girls popping out all over, where are the boys? Are these girls ever going to have boyfriends when they grow up?
Anyway a sweet little girl has arrived to a good friend of my daughter, so seeing as my last little girl gift went well (well I thought it did) I thought I would do another one, but this time I did the full name.

AND NO it isn't pink again! Sorry pink lovers everywhere, I just couldn't do it!

Started with some wooden letters.

And a wooden board I found that had two holes in it. Randomly stroked some Americana relic chalky paint on the board.

Followed by Everlasting, let it dry then sanded it a bit.

Painted the letters with relic (forgetting to take any photos, sorry) let it dry. Then I mixed two colours of chalk paint together, New life (very apt) and Escape to make a teal-ish type colour, painting it on leaving a few odd places showing the relic  through. When it was  dry, I added some DecoArt one step crackle. Left it for a few hours while I cooked dinner, then rubbed on some New life paint on the top and rubbed off with some wet wipes (squeezed out) after a few moments, leaving just a small amount in the cracks. Happy with that, I glued them on the board.

Not sure this pictures show the cracks, but they are there honestly!

It needed something else, so I added one of my waxed butterfly's (sorry but I love them) and also I added a piece of  rope (which had Everlasting chalk paint just lightly rubbed over it)  through the holes so it could hang up, and I think it is done. Almost forgot to seal it all with  DecoArt crème wax.

What do you think? Hope she likes it, if not her Mum and dad can stick it in a cupboard can't they.  Anyone know of any boys being born!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Been playing with new paints

Evening all,

This is post is all about my getting my sticky mitts at last, on some New DecoArt Chalk paints and yes it is well worth the wait! It just slides on and I didn't even prep the wood first!

I started with a draw/selfy time thing, which was cheap as chips at the Craft Barn, some time ago. I have been using it in the raw, so too speak, waiting for inspiration as to how to decorate it. The paints came on the market and I thought yes, this is what I am going to use.

Gave it one coat of the lovely colour of escape, thought I would need more coats, but no. Excuse the fragile tape around the sides of the draws, but my low tack tape was in the car and it was pouring outside and I am very lazy.

Next I added a great stencil, by stencil girl, using a stiff brush I pounced through the stencil some Everlasting paint and left again to dry.

Next, using a cloth I coated the unit with Americana Decor Creme wax. Left until it was dry, then buffed up.  It looked a bit to fresh so I carried on playing.
Ruffed it up with some course sand paper, especially around the edges, wiped the dust off and  then gave it a coat of a dark wax. Buffed again and finally went over the whole piece again with the clear wax.

Hope you like it. 

Hubby say's it matches everything else in our house, old and worn.
Thanks for calling by and looking. x

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Been waxing my daughters face!

Hi from sunny Kent

I am so excited about my latest painting mixed media piece, it is what happens when you mix ideas from Andy Skinner together with ideas of  Dina Wakley  and add a bit of me!

A short while ago my lovely mate Julia painted a wonderful picture of her daughter, a very talented lady (Julia I mean, don't know about her daughter, but I am sure she is pretty clever too!). Do pop over to her blog and take a look at her beautiful picture,  I thought what a lovely idea to paint your daughter, so here is my lovely daughter Kara.

It is huge 50 x 62 and is full of cracks and texture

A close up of some of the texture

Poor Kara looks as though she has been shoot in the head!

And that's it,
I used Americana DecoArt paints Warm white,True red, Marigold and Deep Midnight and lots of wax!

Thanks for calling by

And just a quick look at what my naughty ducks have done to our lawn with all the rain we have had!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Trying to forgive myself for things not being perfect!

Hi there thanks for dropping by.

Today in the UK we have lovely sunshine, followed by very heavy hails stones and then gorgeous sunshine again, all in the space of 10 mins. It is the weirdest winter ever here, I have only worn a coat 4 times, so far!!!!! Fingers crossed that is. It is lovely to see the spring flowers in bloom again and although it hasn't been cold the weeks of heavy rain has got me down. So Spring is so welcome and with any luck maybe it will soon dry out the lawn, which in turn will stop my pet ducks digging it up!

My lovely daughter gave me this sign at the weekend, isn't it great! Is she dropping hints at the state of my garden I wonder!

Anyway onto some art. The title of this post is referring to the fact, that my writing is pants, big pants really and it rather messed up my piece here. But ho hum I am trying to forgive myself about it and just laugh! 
I needed a sign for the front door, as if I am in the back garden I often don't hear people knocking at the door.
I started with a wooden blank

Gave it a coat of DecoArt sealer and when dry I gave it a coat of various colours of Americana paints, trying to make it look a bit gardeny! Gave it a bit of a sanding then using of DecoArt crackle paste through stencil by Creative Expressions.

So far so good! Then it all went wrong!

I didn't have room for the writing and the writing was as I say PANTS! Still I carried on and grunged it up a bit with some wiping on and off of black paint!

I decided to try again on the other side and Lol, that turned out worse!

Still it will serve a purpose won't it!

Just wanted to finish with a couple of photos of a lovely weekend (a Christmas gift from my lovely kids and there partners) we had last weekend.

We went to a fab restaurant in London with puppets hanging form the ceiling!

Our son is the second on the left and hubby in the middle, the pretty blonde is my son's girlfriend Emma and the guy on the left is my daughters partner Ed.

And before you fall asleep, this is me and my lovely daughter Kara.