Saturday, 28 March 2015

Yesterday I felt a bit rusty.

Hi there thanks for stopping by.

I found a Huge (well 21") black plastic Buddha in a garden centre the other day.  I love Buddha's, ever since I was lucky enough to visit Bangkok in my twenties for three days. All those lovely temples, Buddha's and sunshine I just adored and of course, the smell of Jasmine in the air. Anyway I wanted my Buddha to look like rusty metal. So yesterday I set too it!

This is the black plastic I started with.

See he is a big boy!

This is how he looks now after a splish, splash, splosh of paint. (be prepared for lots of boring pictures, you might need a cup of coffee before you start)

Oh I did do a bit of dry brushing too, just to make the features pop out a bit.

On this shot you can see that the plastic was a bit damaged but, I rather liked that.

So now all I need to do is vanish him and find somewhere to put him in the garden, because there sure isn't anywhere to put him indoors!

That is all folks!