Saturday, 26 March 2011

Inspired By Jennie B

Hi all, Please someone explain to me how I put a linky thing in!!
Because I was so inspired by Jennie B's (not a new Spice girl, but Jennie Boxall from The Artistic Stamper) Blog the other day, where she showed work from one of the workshops she had taught at, I wanted to show you how I intepretated it. Someone had blown Mr T's inks onto a white canvas and then drawn a flower as well to finish it off and it was stunning. Just wish I knew how to show you!
Eggnore the silly egg, it should be on the end of the post, but I don't know how to move it!!!!! I know, I know, I am a computer twit!!
Anyway I decided to try out what I had admired on Jennie's blog onto a pair of shoes!
"OMG thought my husband, she has flipped, I knew it would happen and now it has"!
I bought a pair of navy blue canvas shoes for £6 at Asda, put two coats of Claudine H's white acrylic paint (blank canvas) on as a base.

And then I painted and splattered with lots of her other lovely paint colours!

Don't look too closely, I managed to paint a bit of white inside by my over enthusiastic painting! I was going to paint a flower, but decided it was too busy for that.

Sprayed it with scotchguard, and Bob's your Auntie! Maybe i should have left them blue! But anyway I now have a funky pair of shoes, which my husband says will be good for painting in!
Well it makes a change from painting the lounge walls, which is almost finished by the way! Carpet arriving tomorrow. Hurray!
Thank you Jennie for the idea. All I need is to shink my feet by half a size, (I had to buy a size 4 as they didn't have a 4 and a half and the 5 fell off my feet) so my right foot is rather squished up and not very comfy, hopefully they might stretch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!