Monday, 17 March 2014

Getting obsessed with letters and paint.

Hi thanks for stopping by.

Is it just me, or are baby girls popping out all over, where are the boys? Are these girls ever going to have boyfriends when they grow up?
Anyway a sweet little girl has arrived to a good friend of my daughter, so seeing as my last little girl gift went well (well I thought it did) I thought I would do another one, but this time I did the full name.

AND NO it isn't pink again! Sorry pink lovers everywhere, I just couldn't do it!

Started with some wooden letters.

And a wooden board I found that had two holes in it. Randomly stroked some Americana relic chalky paint on the board.

Followed by Everlasting, let it dry then sanded it a bit.

Painted the letters with relic (forgetting to take any photos, sorry) let it dry. Then I mixed two colours of chalk paint together, New life (very apt) and Escape to make a teal-ish type colour, painting it on leaving a few odd places showing the relic  through. When it was  dry, I added some DecoArt one step crackle. Left it for a few hours while I cooked dinner, then rubbed on some New life paint on the top and rubbed off with some wet wipes (squeezed out) after a few moments, leaving just a small amount in the cracks. Happy with that, I glued them on the board.

Not sure this pictures show the cracks, but they are there honestly!

It needed something else, so I added one of my waxed butterfly's (sorry but I love them) and also I added a piece of  rope (which had Everlasting chalk paint just lightly rubbed over it)  through the holes so it could hang up, and I think it is done. Almost forgot to seal it all with  DecoArt crème wax.

What do you think? Hope she likes it, if not her Mum and dad can stick it in a cupboard can't they.  Anyone know of any boys being born!


  1. It's utterly gorgeous, I am sure the parents will love it.

  2. This is delightful. Really love the butterfly. Sue Johnson

  3. Gorgeous Kathy! Really effective vintage look that I think is perfect for that name!

  4. Wow, this is fab, love the colour and the name. xx

  5. What a beautiful shabby style name plate and i love your waxed butterfly. I'm sure it wouldn't end inside a cupboard (:o)

  6. Beautiful, love the paint effects and the colours are so refreshing


  7. very professionl, gorgeous work, Kathy. I am sure it will be cherished for many years. Refreshing to see different colour schemes :-)
    Don't know of any recent baby boys.......but my name is a boy's name so some name sorted - Susan! ;-)

  8. Great job, it's really lovely and what a smashing name for the new arrival :D x

  9. It's so very stunning, I love this. And I definitely have to try this myself. At the moment I'm experimenting with selfmade chalk paints ... I bought some from DecoArt but it's always a bit trcky for me and of course since I have them I discovered so many different colors I must have ... LOL
    Hugs, Suzanne xxxxx

  10. Beautiful colors and the butterfly makes a great contrast LOVE IT!

  11. Hi there, Just popping in to thank you for your visit and leaving a kind comment :D Hope all is well with you? :D x