Friday, 11 April 2014

Not boxed out yet!

Hi all

Many thanks for stopping by.

I am still playing and loving the new Chalk paints by DecoArt. Today I also used a fabulous stencil by the very talented and funny Carolyn Dube.  Do look her up on Youtube.

I started with a box I found, which was rather battered and cracked.

It had a big crack across the lid, but don't think you can see it from this photo.

I ripped out the insides (cruel I know) covered it with gesso to, hopefully, fill in the holes left where I had taken the insides out and to cover the crack on the top. Sanded when it was dry. 

Using Carolyn's stencil and a palette knife, I scraped DecoArt Modeling Paste through the stencil all over the top roughly. The roughly part wasn't on purpose, it was just my cack- handedness! 

Painted with a mixture of the Chalk paints on the outside,

then on the inside too!

Do hope you liked it.


  1. liking that, very nice xx
    Sparkles xx

  2. Lovely Kathy. Great stencil. It's putty g me in mind of a circuit board. For some reason x

  3. Love the colours, and texture what a fab stencil

  4. Ab Fab Kathy
    I am sure that if you keep doing a good job of these pieces, you will be able to do the furniture soon ;-)

  5. OH my, I think I have this exact box!
    Thank you, Thank you and THANKS!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to drop by and make such nice comments Beth.

  6. Love the transformation!
    Wonderful color and texture with Carolyn's stencil! :)

  7. A fabulous altered box Kathy, I love the stencil and the lovely colour.
    xxx Hazel.