Friday, 31 January 2014

Memory wall hanging

Today it is pouring down in the UK, it has been for weeks now, so this makes it very difficult to take decent photo's because it is so dark.
A depressing January this has been due to the weather, apart from the Creative Jumpstart class for the whole of January! As I said before, it has been run and organised by the very clever and talented Nathalie Kabachs

Today I wanted to show something I made from tutorial made by a wonderful lady, who I was lucky enough to meet before she retired, Suze Miller Weinburg. She called it a wrap I think (Don't quote me on that) but I am calling mine "A trip along memory lane wall hanging!

I started by taking two wooden door handles

Sealed them with DecoArt Faux finishing medium, let dry. Gunged (very descriptive) with Texture glass, dried. Then dry brushed the heck out of it!

I don't think it is fair to Nathalie or Suze to go into much detail of how I made it, but here it is. Next came a cardboard tube left over from wrapping paper.

Then wrapped and wrapped my chosen items around the the cardboard roll

This is it in situ above our hatchway from the dinning room into the kitchen.

It is a bit wonky at the moment, waiting for hubby to get home and straighten it for me. I might add some hangy things, just thinking about it at the moment!

Two door handles
Then strips of string
old broken necklace
Ribbon from very important gifts
A bit of a tie dyed dress of my mothers
scraps of fabric of my daughter cot cover from 33 years ago
a very favourite (clean) sock, that just gave up the ghost and developed a hole (sob)
Bits of sheet metal left over, so painted and embossed
strips of an old shirt, I have been wearing for the last 25 years, that finally died on me!
and probably other things I have forgotten about! 

There is a lot more things to make from Nathalie's course, as I was rather late in starting, due to being a bit poorly at the time. Hope she does it again next year as this is fun

Thanks for looking x


  1. Beautiful knobs Kathy, the glass medium gives such a lovely texture. X good to see you keeping busy and crafty x

  2. What a lovely idea! Love those textured knobs Kathy!
    Alison xxx

  3. Hi Kathy, those knobs look absolutely gorgeous!! I wish I could touch and stroke them ... :-D I so love the idea of the mementos wrapped around it ... Great work. Suzanne xx