Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Creative Jumpstart

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to tell you about a fantastic month long, on-line course called Creative Jumpstart. It is run by the very talented Nathalie Kalbach (  She has lots of her crafty buddies along giving really helpful videos on using all the house hold things we have around us to make art. 
This is what I had after watching Anna Dabrowska video. 

I used an old canvas
Firewood kindling
Old plastic vitamin bottle
Tissue paper from a gift I received
Old lace lying around for years, that I never knew what to do with.
Butterfly off a Christmas cracker
Plastic net from oranges
Cardboard roll from Christmas wrapping paper
Cardboard from cereal packet
Old paint brushes that had gone hard
Old tube of paint, also hard from age
A heart that had been wrapped around a gift 
Yawn are you still with me?
DecoArt gesso
Lumminarte Primary Elements paint
DecoArt paint

Hope you like it! x


  1. About time you made a post missy ;) lovely canvas, I really like the purple/mauve hues and the texture with the netting. Ill be waiting for the next master piece x

  2. I love this! The colours are gorgeous, and the whole composition is so attractive. Great way to use up bits'n'bobs! x

  3. It's fabulous Kathy! A great use for all those vitamin pots I get through, & I love the texture of the netting!
    Alison xxx

  4. Love the colours and textures�� you have reminding to go back and catch up in CJS!

  5. Well, hello there Mrs Duck Lady; fancy seeing you here. Looks like you are having a good time.

  6. Lordy, this is very much my cup of tea, too. A great inspiration for my little brain. Very cool, Kathy (:o)

  7. Oh wow, this is such an amazing dimensional piece Kathy! Love the texture and gorgeous subtle background colours. Genius use of those other elements too. Thanks also about the reminder re CJS, I still have loads of the videos to watch, something to look forward to at the weekend... :0)

  8. Great texture, love the netting. Very cool idea to use art supplies...Love It!!

  9. I love this canvas great job! I had a similar idea after watching Anna's video which I plan to post soon.

  10. This is really fabulous! I made a tag book cover after watching Anna's video but I have an idea for a canvas too. That's what's so great about CJS: lots of ideas to keep you going for a long time after January

  11. Love this it makes me happy

    here by way of CJS2014 Luiminarte link page

  12. oh this is aweosome- love the texture and colors. Awesome entry for the Luminarte giveway and thanks for being part of CJS2014!