Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Under attack

Today was a beautiful day in sunny Kent and I am not sure but, I think it is the first day of Autumn. Tomorrow it is meant to be cold and wet so, I made the most of it and spent the day in the garden with the girls enjoying the sunshine. (I even got out the sun cream again!)
But as I went to pick the raspberries I was horrified to find that the raspberry patch was alive with those eight legged, big, hairy, beasties, called spiders! Loads of them on their strong webs strung from bush to bush! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Not to be beaten by those nasty things, I had to break my way through some (well quite a lot really) of the webs to get to my berries. Even though I don't like them I felt guilty about destroying all there hard work and honestly no harm came to any beasties I promise, hand on heart!

Lovely begonias still in the garden, they all have to be hung up very high these days, so a certain 3 bad ducks don't eat them. One of there favourite snacks, that and Busy Lizzies! Well I guess most flowers I grow are their favourites, so gradually things are getting higher and higher in the air!

I really love this colour, white with just a tinge of pink around the petals.

Just before you nod off, I will move onto a crafty piece!

Just made this yesterday from Claudine's course of course,(lots of courses there and no food in sight!) Boo last week this week, but I am way behind so I will probably be showing stuff for a few week yet! It is made from painted Sticky Backed Canvas, painted with Claudine's paints, cut out into circles, dried and frayed around the edges. Printed out script writing onto SBC, cut out flowers and stuck them on top of the painted circles. Backed the circles with fabrics that matched, then threaded cord through holes I had made through the middles of each flower. Put a few knots in the double cord, (seen done by Chris Dark on her web site )put some fixings on the end of the cords. A first for me so they will probably drop off next week!

I couldn't finish without a couple of pictures of my bother girls, spreading out to look for dropped flowers, I am sure they think that the best flowers only grow in mid air!

A good shot of my knees don't you think? Muddle and Puddle having a good wash and brush up and Wigwam is after my sandwich! Tomorrow if it rains they will dig up my lawn, in revenge for not sharing my sandwich! So apart from the beasties a brilliant day was had by all!

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