Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Rubbishy Kind of Day

When the weather is totally horrible, it is nice to look back on sunny days and the wonder of nature. This sun flower was a wonder of nature, as I didn't plant it, the birds did! Or at least the seed we give them managed to move across the garden and plant its self in one of my flower pots and grow and grow and grow! As you can see it has grown (taken last week) to the height of the conservatory!

The bees have just loved it and the main flower, (now dead) one day I counted 7 bees at once sitting on it!
Anyway moving on from nature slightly, every month on the first Tuesday, I meet with two friends Janet and Anke and we talk and sometimes make cards together! We also take it in turns to make a challenge for a card for the next month. It was my turn, so I said "OK lets make a card with as many throw away rubbishy bits that we can".

Boy did I get into this! No rubbish was save in my bin! This card is made with a saved wipe, which I had used to wipe clean my stamps. I keep using it until it was really inky and painty, dried it out and then stamped on it!

The butterfly I cut from toilet paper, (not used) that I had cut by hand, sprayed with glimmer mist and put through the cuttlebug with a folder. The wire for his feelery things, was from an old Christmas cracker. I then put a bit of stickles and pearl pen on his back. (why is it a he I wonder!) Oh and the butterfly was mounted on a bit of cardboard from a thrown away box.

This card was inspired (and copied a bit ) by the very talented Hels Sheridan (sorry Hels no idea how to put your link in!) The back ground is an old B. bank envelope (saying I was over drawn) torn to pieces and stuck down, dried, inked with distressed ink, then stamped on. Next I stamped out the bottle (WV) onto the back cereal packet, cut it out, inked it, and drew a stem. Next I cut a bit of cardboard from a new saver packet that my son had for his birthday, stuck on an old book page, cuttlebugged it out inked it a bit, stuck on a bead in the middle.(which came from last years Crackers) Then I stuck it all on a card!

By Now I was on a roll! I couldn't stop the ideas for rubbish! Or rubbish ideas! (which ever way you prefer it!). The poppy heads are made from old wipes again, stuck on shaver card, (it was a big box for a little shaver). the Bottom bit is more shaver card with an old book page stuck on and inked. Lastly the back ground is a technique I saw on Create and Craft by an Ali someone (sorry Ali whoever you are) layers of toilet paper layered in a embossing folder , sprayed with glimmer mist (rather over did it, but I love that sapphire colour) then put it rather messily through the CB. You might have noticed I rather like my cuttlebug! Gently teased away the edges, dried, this took ages, due too me totally soaking the loo paper in the first place! Oh and the stems were the shaver packet too! Stuck it all together and Bob's your uncle! (Where did that saying come from?)

Finally, my girls are moulting like mad, feathers everywhere, it looks like they have mange they are so tatty!
Have a rubbish day too, it was fun, but was sooo exhausted afterwards it took me days to get over it!

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  1. Loving the "rubbish" cards,especially the one with the wipe!!! I could make about a million cards the amount of wipes i go through with the twins!! Hhhmmmmmmm, thats got me thinking......x