Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Bright and Bold

Sorry not my best, but I am in a hurry, have to finish this and post it quickly onto the Andy Skinner DecoArt website in order to be in time for their competition called 'Bold and Bright'. 

 Using scraps of card paper and string left over from other projects and left on my table, (I am terrible at tidying up) then stuck down on a canvas.
Lots of DecoArt fluid acrylics, interference turquoise and the  Lovely Metallic Lustre turquoise.

So there you have it, wonky fish and bad lighting!

Must do better next time.


  1. Oh wow - just look at all that texture and dimension PLUS the shimmer - it's BEAUTIFUL. Really love the white fish and since orange is my fav color - you picked the perfect accent for them!!! LUSCIOUSLY LOVELY. j.

  2. This is wonderful - great textures and colours.
    xxx Hazel.

  3. Hello!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment about my Finnabair style canvas. I'm so happy that you liked it. I am checking out your project for DecoArt's Bold and Bright challenge. It's great! Love your colors and textures. I am like you...I also love DecoArt's Metallic paints.

  4. Hi there lovely little canvas. I've actually popped over as you left a question on my blog but as you are a noreply comment blogger I've come over to give you the answer. The powertex ball was sat on an old cellotape ring but the best thing to do is to cut a hole making a plug in the bottom before you start and put some sand in it then plug it. This will give the weight at the bottom needed to make it sit properly. Hope that answers your question. If you need any other info just use my contact form on the blog and then I will be able to get back to you by email. Have a great day, Angela x

  5. gorgeously beautiful
    hugs June x

  6. I love your wonky fish Kathy! Wonky is good!