Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Inspired by Paul Kleen

Hi there thanks for calling by.

I am still looking at artists that inspire me and lately I have been looking at Paul Klee.

If you don't know his work, this is the picture I got inspiration from yesterday:-

Mmm I thought, I could do that, but my way. Thinking of all the shapes that are important in my life, I set too work.

I started with a sheet of acrylic cheap paper and basically just stuck odd bits on it, like my empty B.P tablet packets, netting from satsumas, bits of packaging, just everything that would normally be thrown away in other households. Then I covered everything in  Gesso, crackle paste, texture sand paste, Glass bead texture gel. So I had loads of texture on it. Texture makes me very Happy.

Sorry I should of taken a better picture, but You get the idea!

Next I painted in all in acyclic black paint, let it dry. Drew on my shapes in chalk and painted those shapes white, as I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it yet! 

Then with lots of layers of colour, I filled in those shapes. (you might want to get a cup of tea at this point as there are lots of pictures to come)

So here you have all the things that are important to me in my life. My children in the shape of a figure, my husband is the Treble clef with the heart in it, the sun, nature in the shape of a flower, my cats, my ducks, a paint brush, as art is my life line and bits of heart (love) are included too.

Hope you can see all the texture and cracks.  Husband doesn't like it (always hurtful, but hey ho, we are all different) but hope someone out there does like it! xxx


  1. I like it a lot. reminds me of the art of the native American "Hopi" people. primitive symbolism. Bold. loving the texture too. makes it even more native and earthy.

    1. Thanks Louise, I am glad someone likes it, a friend just popped round and he, like my husband thought it was terrible. So good to have your support. xx

  2. Truly incredible textures and beautiful colors and I love your analogy... what a treat this was to see. j.

    1. Oh thank you so much, what a lovely thing to say. x

  3. Love this! Great texture and your shapes are perfect. I'm not sure if my cat would look anything like a cat... lol