Friday, 29 May 2015

Been Recycling with the help of Hessian and great paints.

Hi there,
Been busy today playing with my paints. I while ago I bought to large canvas's from the charity shop, two for £3.  Both 70mm x 40mm. They were a horrible plasticy surface. So today was the day to get cracking on one of them!

                                                                   Plastic picture.

I started with a large piece of Hessian, which I cut some holes in and pulled some of threads out. (which of course I forgot to take a picture of)
I slopped large amounts of  emulsion paint (bought very cheaply at DIY shop as someone had ordered the colour and then didn't want it) Stapled the Hessian on and slopped more emulsion on top adding a few off cuts of Hessian on top.(This was an idea by the way from my teacher Peta Stockton, who is a very talented artist) 

                                                                 (Hessian stapled on)

                                                       Then left it to dry and stiffen up.

Picked up my trusted Decoart paints, covering the dried Hessian with white paint. I covered it with white as I had a mental block as to what to do next and was panicking about such a large empty space. Brayered some colour that pleased me on, Stencilled a bit, stamped a bit. (not easy on such a ruff surface)  

Finished abstract piece, MAYBE!

mmm said husband, nice colours!

Close up shows the extra bits of Hessian I added in the beginning.

So if you only like the colours like my husband, it still made me happy doing it. No thinking and worrying about drawing, I just went with the flow. 
So finished or not, that is the question?
Thanks for calling by, comments are very welcome, so I can tell I am not on my own!


  1. I love this, the colours are fabulous and from where I'm sitting it looks finished.
    xxx Hazel.

    1. Oh thank you Hazel you seem to be the only one who does, so thank you for commenting. xxxx