Monday, 7 February 2011

Facing my Demons

Now that could mean all sorts of things couldn't it! But it is not my fear of heights, nor is it my fear of of Mr Fox getting my girls(ducks), nor is it my fear that I may never be able to eat cheese again!

Anyway to explain:-

Each month a couple of mates and I meet to make cards (well more to put the world and the NHS to rights) and each month we take it in turns to set a challenge to bring along to the next meeting. It is my turn this time and at the last meeting I struggled to think of anything. My brain had gone walk about - in the outback! Then I thought "what do I hate (using craft wise) the most?" That way I could stretch my mind a bit!

Ahh I thought eventually! I hate the colour yellow! Now, as far as I am concerned, yellow is the colour of daffodils and custard and that is fine, (more than fine), but for me that is where the colour should stay! I know, I know, lots of you love yellow, but not me! So there lies my challenge, make a card using YELLOW and black only! I know for all you yellow lovers out there it would be easy, but not for me and many attempts later and half a bin full of yellow rubbish here are a few I came up with:-

This card My hubby who knows everything, tells me I have put the message the wrong way round, (the Structural Engineer in him), I am not going to tell him, but looking at it he is right, Ho hum! I like my little bee.

Lots of different stamps here but I think they go well together. Distressed ink and a smidge of glimmer mist give it a bit more life I thought. (used on the card above too)

The next two are a bit more conventional, using plain card and just stamping, I prefer the top two!

The last of my yellow cards, are you still awake?

And if you ever send me a card, please make it any colour other than YELLOW, but you could send me a bowl of custard if you like!


  1. You do know that you will now get only yellow cards ! And don't you hate it when the men are right!!
    Ps daffodils are my most fave flower, so I'm glad you weren't rude about them, however custard is devils food.... Yellow cheese is good though

  2. I might join you the next time when you put the world to rights regarding the NHS.....i have a few choice things to say!!!!
    Love the cards tho, especially the bumble bee one.....he's a cutie.

    Ps Cheese is just plain wrong!

  3. Well I love the cards - so striking and different, I might well have a play with that colour combo myself!! PS what about buttercups and where would daises be with yellow? ;-) xx

  4. They are great cards
    Lemons and mustard are yellow and I love them