Friday, 25 June 2010

New Beginings

Welcome to my blog

Jennie ( from The Artistic Stamper) has kindly egged me on and encouraged me to start a blog and she will probably be only the only person who will ever read this! But never the less everyone is welcome. So this is my 6th attempt at starting one, all the rest have disappeared into space, somewhere where I cannot find them! Anyway my D.S Luke is here so with his help maybe we can get this thing up and going!

I mess ( mess being a very apt word) around with all sort of things, from painting to card making and general arty things. Far too many things to be any good at one thing sadly. This is an idea of some of my work, (well I hope I am showing you some, this is a big learning curve for me).

This a piece I did recently on an on-line course I am doing at the moment with the very talented Claudine Hellmuth. We are learning all sorts of painting techniques and having lots of fun.

This poor sad looking baby Orangutan just appealed to me to copy from a magazine photo.

Anyways this is a short look into my arty work and I am finishing off (hurray Jennie shouts!) with a picture of my naughty ducks Wigwam (my faviourite), Puddle and Puddle.

Bye for now

Love Kathy


  1. yeah... about time too Mrs!!

    Am I the first to comment? what an accolade!!

  2. You might be the last too Nicky!

  3. ok I am the 2nd and will be addng yout o my blog roll.. so I can see what you are up to!! lol love the monkey picture.. :))

  4. Ducks/birds do scare me but well done with your your blog!!! xxx

  5. Nice blog, I know how hard it is to get them going, as mine is new! lol I love your photography, too!

    I will be checking back to see new art!
    Pat in CAlifornia, USA